The Livable Forest®

Support Local. Educate. Crowdfund. Buy & Sale

Welcome !

The Livable Forest is an online platform designed to help support our community. Members and perk businesses are able to attend networking parties for free and we will have community socials for those who are not part of The Livable Forest to get to know the members and join if they like.

What businesses & individuals can do on The Livable Forest platform.

1. Crowdfunding- support or get support on projects
2. Find and post jobs.
3. Creators can sell online classes, workshops and written content.
4. Join or attend the community vendor markets.
5. Blogging on the platform- 1k blog followers to date.
6. Purchase a membership card and get discounts throughout the city.
7. Join Forester Connect – our social media platform
8. List your business on either one of our listing platforms
We are seeking to build a self-sufficient community by supporting small businesses in our community in many different ways. With the support of our community when they purchase a Livable Forest Perks card we are able to provide free marketing services for perk businesses and members.
All perk cards will be mailed out on Mondays and Fridays.
Please consider joining as a member and perks business !

Below are the services we offer our community  and you can click on all the sections below that fits your needs.

Members Blog

Enjoy content created by people in your neighborhood. Some blogs can be restricted to by the author for members only to view. Only Perk businesses and members can submit post at their leisure about anything they like.

Membership Card

Members will receive a perks card where they can receive discounts throughout the community. When you login you will be redirected to the members portal . You can see any online codes perk businesses have provided.

Forester Connect

If you are a guest you are more then welcome to join us over on our personal social media page.


Support others projects or start your own campaign.


Creators can create courses and sell them along with selling items the student bookstore.

Vendor Markets

If you enjoy shopping small then you will love our community markets. You can also buy and sale in the online marketplace. The marketplace is free to anyone who want to participate.


Find the perfect career or candidate.