The Vibe

About Us

Showcasing Excellence In Our Community

A collection of hand picked businesses that have a 4.7 rating or higher at the time of selection. 

You Rating

You have a rating of 4.7 stars or higher. 

The only businesses that will be listed are brick and mortar with a rating of 4.7 or higher. This is the minimum standard which shows the community that you are putting them first by providing excellent service and products. 


The ambiance in many cases is probably, one of the most important aspects of any business. Ambiance sets the mood, character, quality, tone and atmosphere of your business. 

Quality of Product and Service

Knowing your products and services means that the people selling the products or services have a sound understanding and knowledge of what it is that they’re offering and what value it has for the customers.

Featured Categories

These are the categories we will focus on at the moment

Real Estate




Day Spas




Submit Your Suggestion

We welcome your suggestions for the businesses you believe should be listed in The Vibe.

We will take all of the suggestions into consideration.  Thank You !

All businesses that are suggested have to have a rating of 4.7 or higher to be considered.
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